April 25, 2019

High School Cancer Masterclasses


The High School Cancer Masterclasses (HSCM) program is a high school outreach program that aims to deliver cancer education directly to Australian high schools. HSCM consists of a series of 4 structured tutorials, each 1.5 hours in duration and covering a distinct area of study of the ACHSC Cancer Syllabus. The tutorials are given by passionate and high-achieving university students studying the health sciences, who have been selected and trained by ACHSC to serve not only as tutors for high school students, but also mentors. The program aims to consolidate and build on the standard biology curriculum to develop in high school students a solid understanding of cancer as a disease. Given the depth and breadth of cancer’s impact on individuals and society, we at ACHSC feel very strongly that no high school students should graduate from high school without at least a basic grasp of what cancer is, and what they can do to prevent it.


HSCM was launched as a pilot program in 2018. With the generous help and support of supervising teachers, we ran tutorials at the MacRobertson Girls’ High School and Camberwell Grammar School in Victoria, and were delighted to see the enthusiasm of all participating students. We hope to make HSCM bigger and better in 2019, giving more students the opportunity to receive formal teaching on cancer.


In 2019, HSCM will be open to all interested students studying at an Australian high school; not just year 10 students. As in 2018, the program will consist of a series of 4 structured tutorials, each 1.5 hours in duration:

  • Tutorial 1: Basics of Cell Biology (scheduled for the week beginning Monday, 22 July 2019)
  • Tutorial 2: Causes of Cancer (scheduled for the week beginning Monday, 5 August 2019)
  • Tutorial 3: Types of Cancer (scheduled for the week beginning Monday, 19 August 2019)
  • Tutorial 4: Treatment and Prevention of Cancer (scheduled for the week beginning Monday, 2 September 2019)

The exact date of each tutorial is subject to negotiation with each individual school.

All participating students will be given a copy of the HSCM Student Notebook, a 50-page workbook containing explanations and questions to accompany the tutorials, as well as links to additional resources for students interested in learning more.

If you are interested in registering your school for the 2019 HSCM, please contact us at info@achsc.org.au.