June 11, 2018

Our Initiatives

The YACI seeks to fulfil its mission of empowering young people to make a meaningful contribution towards realising a world free of cancer through its initiatives, which provide opportunities for high school and university students to:

  • Learn about the biology and impact of cancer as disease that affects real people;
  • Use their knowledge of cancer to minimise their own individual risk of developing cancer;
  • Use their knowledge of cancer to contribute to the fight against cancer.

The YACI currently runs 5 initiatives:

  1. Victorian High School Cancer Symposium (VIC HSCS)
  2. New South Wales High School Cancer Symposium (NSW HSCS)
  3. Australian High School Cancer Competition (HSCC)
  4. High School Cancer Masterclasses (HSCM)
  5. University Cancer Case Competition (UCCC).

The YACI has modified its initiatives in 2020 in accordance with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To discuss future collaboration or partnerships, please direct enquiries to info@yaci.org.au