June 26, 2015



We are a not-for-profit, student-run organisation that has developed the High School Cancer Challenge for Victorian secondary school students after seeing a need to create an environment for our youth to learn about cancer.

As the leading cause of death in Australia, cancer places a significant burden on the Australian healthcare system. Over the last century, considerable progress has been made to reduce the mortality rate of cancer, but an actual cure for cancer has yet to be found. Naturally, the speed at which we arrive at a cure will largely depend on the amount of funding that is channelled into cancer research. Of course, ensuring continued investment into cancer research requires continued efforts to increase public awareness of cancer. Hitherto, such efforts have been targeted primarily at the adult community. Here, we believe that it is equally important to target members of the next generation for it is the youth of today that will eventually take up the reins and lead the fight against cancer.


The purpose of the High School Cancer Challenge is to:

  1. To increase high school students’ understanding of cancer
  2. To inspire high school students to develop an interest in cancer research
  3. To provide a nexus between high schools and the research community

In running the challenge, we aim to nurture a generation of cancer-literate individuals armed with the knowledge to make a substantial contribution towards realising a world free of cancer.