July 21, 2019

New South Wales High School Cancer Symposium

The YACI is excited to announce the inaugural New South Wales High School Cancer Symposium (NSW HSCS)! In 2019, the YACI High School Cancer Competition (HSCC) will be held on the same day.

The NSW HSCS follows in the footsteps of the highly popular and successful Victorian High School Cancer Symposium, which over 400 Year 10 students have attended since 2016.

As one of Australia’s premiere science events for high school students in NSW to learn about cancer and medical research, the 2019 NSW HSCS:

  • Showcases the “bench to bedside” process of cancer research, therapy, and the broader impacts of the disease;
  • Provides a rare opportunity for students to experience life as a cancer researcher; and
  • Connects high school students with the research community.

The 2019 YACI HSCC syllabus can be found here.

Key information

  • Date: Friday 13th September 2019
  • Time: 9:00 AM – 3:15 PM (Registration opens 8:45)
  • Venue: The University of New South Wales

How to register your school

Registration for the 2019 NSW High School Cancer Symposium will open at 9:00am Monday 29th of July and close at 11:59pm on Friday the 6th of September. This year, registration for the 2019 NSW High School Cancer Symposium will include registration for the 2019 High School Cancer Competition, which will be provided on the day.

Please Note: To register successfully, staff and students must complete the media release form and return it to info@yaci.org.au.

2019 program

Keynote Speaker 1 – Associate Professor Phoebe Phillips

Talking about:
A Path Less Travelled: Country Girl – Pancreatic Cancer Researcher – Advocate for Health

A/Professor Phoebe Phillips is the Leader of the Pancreatic Cancer Translational Research Group, Deputy Director of the Adult Cancer Program at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre, and Deputy of the Cancer Theme at University of NSW, Australia. She is internationally recognised for her ground-breaking work into pancreatic cancer (PC) and has >19 years’ experience in trying to tackle this deadly disease. She has attracted >$14M in funding to try to find a cure for PC (currently funded by NHMRC, Cancer Australia, Cancer Council, Tour de Cure). The quality of her research has been recognised by several highly competitive awards including: Eisenhower Global Fellowship (2019); NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (2012); Cure Cancer Australia Fellowships (2009, 2012, 2013); Cancer Institute NSW Fellowship (2009); Gastroenterological Society of Australia Fellowship (2007). She has developed several promising methods of slowing and reversing the progression of PC in preclinical studies. Following completion of her PhD in 2005, she was recruited on a fellowship to the University of Massachusetts (USA), where she identified a novel potent anti-PC drug (triptolide), which is showing encouraging results in a current Phase-2 clinical trial for patients with PC. In 2007, she returned to Australia and identified a major role for ‘helper cells’ (Pancreatic stellate cells – stromal cells) in PC progression. Her current research program is designed to develop therapeutic strategies to target two major cell types that contribute to chemoresistance in PC i.e. cancer cells and stromal helper cells. A/Prof Phillips has had major roles in health policy and advocacy in Australia including: Past-President for the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR; 2015), ASMR Executive Board of Directors (2012-17), Member of NHMRC Expert Advisory Group for restructure of NHMRC grant program (2016-17). She has proudly represented the medical research community to government and key stakeholders in these roles. She was awarded an International Eisenhower Fellowship in 2019 (1/23 global fellows in 2019; 22nd Australian to receive honour since 1953) for leadership in research and health policy change to improve global health.

High School Cancer Symposium video (2018)

Important Links

Media Release Form
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For any other questions, please contact info@achsc.org.au!