June 11, 2018

Australian High School Cancer Competition

The High School Cancer Competition (HSCC) is Australia’s first science competition about cancer. It assesses year 10 students’ understanding of cancer biology, treatment, prevention, and their ability to apply this information in new contexts.

Key information for 2020 HSCC

  • Date: to be determined
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Venue: at the campus of each participating school


The HSCC is a physical paper-based competition, so registration is essential. Registrations for 2020 are not open yet. If you are interested in registering this year, please contact info@achsc.org.au to join our mailing list. 


In 2019, the top performing HSCC students were offered a summer holiday internship at our partner institute, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute in Heidelberg, Victoria. Similar prizes will be available in the 2020 HSCC. All participating students will be awarded certificates. 

How to prepare

We encourage students to prepare for the HSCC by working through the ACHSC Syllabus with their teachers. The HSCC is based on the ACHSC Syllabus, which can be accessed for free here.

Our Syllabus is the first of its kind and endorsed by our partner organisations. It is designed to teach and extend students’ knowledge of general biology and cancer, with material beyond the scope of the year 10 science curriculum/ VCE Unit 1 & 2.

The ACHSC Syllabus is divided into four areas of study, each of which explores a different aspect of cancer;

  1. Cancer Cell Biology
  2. Causes of Cancer
  3. Types of Cancer
  4. Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Further information

For further information or other enquiries, please contact the ACHSC at info@achsc.org.au.