June 11, 2018

High School Cancer Competition

The High School Cancer Competition (HSCC) is Australia’s first cancer competition for high school students. The HSCC is based on the ACHSC syllabus, and assesses year 10 students’ understanding of the basics of cancer biology, treatment, and prevention, as well as their ability to apply their knowledge of cancer in novel contexts.

In 2016 and 2017, the HSCC was administered on the same day as the High School Cancer Symposium (HSCS). In 2018, the HSCC will be administered independently of the HSCS. The details of 2018 HSCC are provided below:

  • Date: Friday, 21 September 2018
  • Venue: on campus at each participating school (to be organised by teachers)

The 2018 HSCC will be open to all year 10 students enrolled at a Victorian high school, irrespective of their attendance at the High School Cancer Symposium (HSCS). All students attending the HSCS will be automatically registered for the HSCC.


The top performing students in the HSCC will be offered a week-long research internship at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute in Heidelberg, Victoria.

In addition, all participating students will be awarded certificates.


Date and Location

The 3rd annual HSCC will be held on Friday, 21 September, 2018 at each participating school. As the HSCC is a paper-based competition, registration is essential if your school wishes to participate. Registration information can be found below.


Preparing for the HSCC

The HSCC is based on the ACHSC Syllabus, which can be accessed here.

The ACHSC Syllabus is Australia’s first syllabus on cancer pitched at a high school student level. The ACHSC Syllabus builds on the general biology taught at school, and is intended to include material beyond the scope of the year 10 science curriculum.

The ACHSC Syllabus is divided into four areas of study, each of which explores a different aspect of cancer:

  1. Cancer Cell Biology
  2. Causes of Cancer
  3. Types of Cancer
  4. Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Students are advised to prepare for the HSCC by studying the ACHSC Syllabus with their teachers. However, the HSCC is designed to test students’ understanding of concepts and application of knowledge rather than pure recall ability.



There are two ways to register for the 2018 HSCC.

Option 1: Register for the HSCS. All students attending the Symposium will automatically be registered for the HSCC. The Symposium will be held on Thursday, 20 September 2018 at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Click here for more information about the HSCS.

Option 2: Register for the HSCC only. The Competition will be held on Friday, 21 September 2018 at each participating school as a written competition.

If you are a year 10 student, please contact your science teachers to register for this year’s Symposium. Spots are strictly limited, so register as soon as you can! Further information for students is available below.

If you are a teacher, information regarding registration, logistics, relevant forms to be completed, and other aspects of the High School Cancer Symposium and Competition are available below.

HSCS and HSCC Combined Registration

If your school would like to register for the HSCS and HSCC together, please register using the HSCC and HSCC Combined Registration Form.

More information on the HSCS is available on the High School Cancer Symposium page.

HSCS and HSCC combined registration closes Wednesday, 29 August 2018 or when the Symposium reaches capacity. If this occurs, we still encourage all interested students and teachers to register for the HSCC using the HSCC only registration option below.

All HSCS attendees (students and teachers) are required to complete and submit a Media Release Form, which can be found below.

HSCC Only Registration

If your school wishes to participate in the High School Cancer Competition only, please register using the HSCC Only Registration Form.

HSCC only registration closes Wednesday, 29 August 2018.


Further Information and Forms

For further information, or any other enquiries, please contact the ACHSC at info@achsc.org.au.