June 28, 2015

The Competition

In 2017, the High School Cancer Challenge will be held on Monday, 7 August at the Gene Technology Access Centre in Parkville, Melbourne.

On the day

Participating students will have the opportunity to listen and interact with our high profile guest speakers who will be talking about some of the exciting new work being done in cancer research. Other components include a networking session with cancer researchers at various stages of their careers, and an opportunity to meet and ask questions of cancer patients.

There will also be a competitive component of the High School Cancer Challenge. The competition will consist of both multiple choice and short answer questions based off our Syllabus.

Student Preparation

Given the challenging nature of the High School Cancer Challenge, the ACHSC has compiled a syllabus which teachers and students are advised to familiarise themselves with prior to the event. This syllabus can be found here, and is free to download and distribute.

More information for the students can be found in our package below:

2017 Student Information Pack


  • Top performing student(s) will receive a research internship at one of our partner institutions.
  • All participating students will receive a signed certificate of participation.
  • Schools will have access to photographs for their school newsletter.
  • Registration Information

    Registration is done through school teachers and is currently closed.
    Registration was rolling, and closed on Friday, 28th July.

    Teachers are required to accompany students throughout the day.

    Please find the registration form below:

    Registration Form

    Please read the registration instructions for teachers before registering. These can be found below.

    Teacher Information Pack

    All students and teachers must indicate their consent to being photographed for promotional materials. Please ensure that each student and teacher completes a Media Release Form before registering. Once registration is completed, completed media release forms should be scanned and emailed to registration@achsc.org.au by the teacher responsible for the students from each school.

    The media release form can be found below.

    Media Release Form

    Event terms and conditions are available below.

    Terms & Conditions


    The intended program for the competition day can be viewed here:


    Questions and comments should be directed to info@achsc.org.au.

    The ACHSC team wishes each school all the best in their preparation. See you at the event!